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About Me

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Howdy! My name is Felippe Regazio, I'am a passionate software developer focused in Front End Development. I grew up on the internet trying my first lines of code at 14. So, I'm mostly a self-taught developer. I usually write code for large apps with mixed stacks and high traffic volume as content portals, software as a service, customized CMS, chatbots and AI assistents - I worked and collaborated with companies like Sitel, Havaianas BR-USA, HBO, Dell, mLabs and many others. I believe in software development as a creative and social-driven profession, once every software is a tool focused on a community and its context. I believe in hard work, study, creativity and method as ingredients to deliver the best possible results.

Main Stack

Here are some of the main technologies and skills on my Stack:

  • Javascript

  • TypeScript

  • VueJS

  • React

  • Ember

  • Jest/Cypress

  • Webpack/Parcel

  • Gulp


  • NodeJS

  • Lerna

  • Express

  • MongoDB

  • MySQL

  • PHP

  • Python

  • Git

  • Linux

Listing all skills can become unnecessarily extensive. If you are interested in details about my experience, please send me a message, let's have a virtual coffee :)


  • Current

    TSC (The Social Client)

    Full Stack Web Developer

    Working with the TSC Global Agency as Full Stack developer helping with development of custom solutions for customers and internal tools as well. Also defining archtectures, creating and maintaining new APIs, integrations and AI chatbots. Currently one of principal developers responsible for archtecture definitions and stacks related to software engineering.


  • 2020 Fev

    2021 Dez


    Front End Developer

    I worked as Front End developer maintaining a legacy codebase, evolving existing features and developing new projects using technologies such as ember, react, ts, node, express, lerna, aws serverless and more. I also helped to develop and evolve back end codebases in Node JS such as Upload Systems and Custom Packages.

  • 2020 Mar

    2017 Dez


    Front End Developer

    I worked developing user interfaces and new features mostly with vanilla js, node, php, vue and scss. I also worked in the Product Core by refactoring the legacy codebase, creating new features, defining new architectures and was pro-actively responsible for the deployment process and the remote server side environment.

  • 01/07/17


    MK Soft

    Full Stack Developer

    Worked as a full stack developer applications with several different purposes and archtectures, most SAAS. It was a time of great learning and knowledge absorption.

  • 01/06/16



    Full Stack Developer

    Worked as freelance developer and consultant in São Paulo, developing new systems, building and linking APIs, rescaling and refactoring code and implementing new layouts and features for customers.

  • 01/04/14



    Service Desk Support - Bilingual

    TIVIT is a Brazilian multinational of digital solutions with operations in ten Latin American countries. Worked there as Service Desk International support for the data centers healthy.

Some Creations

I enjoy to create things, to invent, and to contribute with the free and open source community. I try to do it by blogging, FOSS contribution and by creating my own things. Here are some of my projects:


A lightweight and highly themeable pure CSS Micro-Framework that i created. Plume offers a solid, highly customizable and extendable start point for page styling, and was inspired by projects such as Skeleton and Milligram Know more


A pure Client Side Video Trimmer written with React, Emscripten and JS Workers. It allows you to crop and slice videos without a Backend needing Know More

Simple Deployer

Tiny Deployer written using shell script and rsync, mostly used to quickly automate deployment on legacy projects (old and fragile ones). You can save connections, add multiple hosts, include and ignore entire directories and more. Know More


"Free time is a terrible thing to waste" ― E.A. Bucchianeri

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