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About Me

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Passionate Web Developer focused in Front End Development. Lifelong Learner, always trying to teach myself how to be a better human and a better coder. Currently developing new web experiences, transforming layouts into living pages, architecting new applications and turning coffee into Code at Widgrid Co.

Main Stack

5+ Years of experience. Working mostly with:

JavaScript, CSS/SCSS, PHP, Python, Node and some of its frameworks.


    Currently working at

  • Current


    Front End Developer

    Currently working as Front End developer at WIDGRID, coding layouts, maintaining, rescaling and improving code, developing new features and contributing with decisions in the app architecture. Widgrid is a CMS for huge portals and web pages with large amount of traffic and highly dynamic layouts. The platform is builded to scale well even in giant and multi-domains architectures.

  • History

  • 2019 Jul

    2017 Jan


    Front End Developer

    Resultage - Strategic Growth through digital - is an independent agency, driven by generating and managing good results. Plan, design and produce digital applications. We manage and monitor online presence. We consume and produce content, SEO, social networks and ads.

  • 01/07/17


    MK Soft

    Full Stack Developer

    Software House focused in developing large systems for corporations, and give a development background for existent services, mostly SaaS.

  • 01/06/16



    Full Stack Developer

    Worked as freelance developer in São Paulo - Brasil, developing new systems, build APIs, links existent products with newly API's, rescaling and refactoring code, implementing new layouts and maintaining WordPress Pages.

  • 01/04/14



    Service Desk Support - Bilingual

    TIVIT is a Brazilian multinational of digital solutions with operations in ten Latin American countries. The company supports its clients in the evolution of their businesses through digital solutions divided into four lines of business: Digital Business, Cloud Solutions, Digital Payments and Technology Platforms.

Front End Skills

Some of my principal skills as a Frond End developer

  • Javascript
  • Jquery
  • Responsiveness
  • Bootstrap
  • Gulp
  • Jest
  • SEO
  • Vue Js
  • ES6
  • Vuex
  • a11y
  • i18n
  • Server Rendering
  • Web Components
  • CSS in JS
  • Testing
  • CSS Animations
  • Module Bundlers
  • Performance Metrics

Other skills

As a learner and experimenter, im always trying to improve my knowledge and teaching myself how to be a better developer. Here are some extra skills:

  • PHP / + CakePHP
  • Node.JS
  • Terminal Usage
  • SO (OSX, Linux, Win)
  • OOP
  • GIT
  • Npm/Yarn
  • Github
  • SSH
  • Shell Script
  • Python
  • Django
  • DevOps Basics
  • Static Generators (Hexo)
  • Design Patterns


English : Advanced reading and writing
Intermediary conversational english


As a creator, here are some of my projects

PHP Hot Reloader

This class adds a live reload feature to any php project. It allows you to see your page dynamically changing while coding, without have to keep refreshing the browser on every change | Read More

HelpMate CSS

This is an "Static Atomic CSS Library" to avoid massive code repeating (by re-adding the same properties always, for example). This is a collection of CSS common properties turned into Utility Classes | Read More

Blackboard JS

Plug and play simple Admin to quickly transform static pages into dynamic and editable pages. The class creates a form that allows user to edit elements properties with a live feedback, and allow this data to be submited | Read More


“At the internet, nobody knows that you're a dog” - Peter Steiner . The New Yorker . 1993